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The TCA’s Truckload Academy Advances Professional Knowledge

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Truckload Academy
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A truck transportation company based in Earth City, Missouri, Tri-National, Inc., offers trans-border shipping services through the central corridor of the United States. Dedicated to staying active within the professional community, Tri-National, Inc., belongs to the Truckload Carriers Association.

The only national trade association for the truckload industry, the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) offers numerous professional advancement and education options through its Truckload Academy. This educational source is divided into four segments: on-demand learning, live learning, certifications, and certificates.

Through the Truckload Academy’s on-demand learning, professionals can access a huge range of courses at any time. They can also watch archived live learning webinars, conference sessions, and free sponsored webinars to learn about a huge range of topics at their convenience. These topics focus on such things as leadership, human resources, and operations. Further, professionals can access the TCA’s Driver Connect training platform to complete online training and testing.

Meanwhile, live learning provides professionals with interactive webinars that focus on specific areas of training. Attendees are given the chance to ask questions of experts in the field and receive answers in real time. These sessions are offered online to ensure professionals have a cost-effective way of improving their education.

Finally, certifications and certificates that the TCA Truckload Academy grant professional designations to individuals. The Academy offers a variety of certification programs, including the Fleet Manager Certification Program and Truckers Against Trafficking program, to ensure professionals have the chance to advance in specific areas relating to their work. Certificates offers similar benefits, but they focus primarily on workforce challenges like recruitment and retention.