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Creating Lasting Third-Party Logistics Relationships


Tri-National Inc.
Tri-National Inc.
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With more than 100 years of experience among its senior management, Tri-National Inc. is considered a premier transportation provider under NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). Included in Tri-National Inc.’s services are truckload third-party logistics.

Using a third-party logistics (3PL) company means outsourcing one’s transportation needs. If a business decides to use a 3PL, there are steps it can take to get the most out of the relationship.

Businesses and 3PL services should keep their performances on record and be as transparent as possible about their operations. Both parties must adhere to quality control standards and monitor performance using agreed-upon benchmarks.

Apart from looking at the data and statistics, both parties must also strive to look at each other’s sites, to check the credibility and operations of each business. Merchants should visit 3PL sites to ensure that their services can accommodate shipping, packing, and protection of products for transportation, and to discuss any needed changes.


Tri-National, Inc.,: Recognized by Johnson Controls

Tri-National, Inc., has been awarded the Truckload Carrier of the Year Award by Johnson Controls, a global leader in the automotive technology industry. The company has been recognized with this award on multiple occasions. Recognition from an entity such as Johnson Controls greatly helps to attract business, as well as first-rate employees who will help further the company’s mission: to provide exemplary service and public safety. Tri-National, Inc., achieves these goals through its satellite tracking system and its use of collision avoidance technology.

Since 1885, Johnson Controls has operated with integrity and shown a commitment to promoting energy efficiency through innovation. Recognizing companies like Tri-National, Inc., for their dedication to safety and service cements Johnson Controls’ position as a model for socially responsible businesses. Johnson Controls supplies automakers with seating and electronics, as well as door and instrument panels. The company has given more than $13.9 million to nonprofit and community organizations worldwide. Recognition from an esteemed organization of this caliber is an important milestone for trucking companies.