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An Overview of the EPA SmartWay Program

EPA SmartWay Program pic
EPA SmartWay Program
Image: epa.gov

Tri-National, Inc., in Earth City, Montana, is a logistics solutions and warehouse services provider with more than 100 years of senior-level management experience. The company offers services throughout the United States, as well as Mexico and Canada. Tri-National, Inc., engages with a variety of industry organizations and programs, and is a SmartWay Transport Partner.

The SmartWay program, including the SmartWay Excellence Awards and the various SmartWay High Performer lists, was developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a way of recognizing freight supply-chain professionals and organizations that have committed to running sustainable, green operations.

In August, SmartWay released its latest list of High Performers, recognized across a variety of fields, including truck carrier fleets by carbon metrics, dray carrier fleets by PM and NOx metrics, shippers, logistics providers, and many more. Each category has its own set of standards. For a shipping specialist to qualify as a SmartWay High Performer, for example, a company must have complied with SmartWay shipping regulations for at least 98 percent of all shipping miles while also adhering to the SmartWay environmental performance formula. Dray carrier fleets, on the other hand, must fall in the top-rank performance range for all air-quality metrics, as well as grams per mile and grams per ton-mile.

More information about the EPA SmartWay program, including the full list of High Performers and award winners, can be found online at www.epa.gov.


Truckload Carriers Association Announces Top Rookie Award Winner

Top Rookie Award  pic
Top Rookie Award
Image: truckload.org

Tri-National, Inc. is a truck transportation company that connects Mexico and Canada through the central corridor of the United States. The Earth City, Missouri, firm operates late-model tractors and trailers to provide uninterrupted service. To help the company stay connected within the industry, Tri-National, Inc. belongs to the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA).

Representing almost 700 companies serving the truckload freight industry, the TCA is the only trade association in the country that focuses on trucking. Members work in refrigerated, dry van, flatbed, and intermodal container carriers for companies in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

On August 25, 2017, the TCA announced the winner of its Trucking Top Rookie award at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas. Columbus trucker Daniel Shonebarger, who drives for Melton Truck Lines, won the honor. With the award, he receives $10,000 and a prize package, which includes a feature story in Truckers News, a dash cam and CB radio, and $1,000 in merchandise. Mr. Shonebarger, who is a graduate of Georgia Driving Academy, was one of 10 finalists nominated for the award.

TCA’s Profitability Program


Truckload Carriers Association pic
Truckload Carriers Association
Image: truckload.org

Located in Earth City, Missouri, Tri-National, Inc., is a leading provider of truck transport services with a coverage area ranging from Mexico to Canada through the United States’ central cooridor. Constantly working to improve the industry, Tri-National, Inc., and its staff stay active through membership in the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA).

In July 2017, the TCA rolled out the TCA Profitability Program (TPP), a new initiative aimed at helping carriers examine important data sets and access other tools to make them more efficient and profitable. The program is divided into three tiers, depending on how deep into the data the carrier wants to delve. Each tier presents benefits to carriers who want to compare their data sets to others in similar industry areas.

The lowest tier, called Digital Composite Lite, lets the driver enter basic information into a web database so he or she can compare low-level data points in a snapshot view. The middle tier allows carriers to submit the entire scope of their work -revenues, expenses, and operational line costs – and get a personalized action plan on how to become more profitable. The highest tier includes all the lower-tier benefits, plus the opportunity to meet with peers twice a year during profitability meetings.

To learn more about the program, get pricing, or sign up, visit www.truckload.org/About-TPP.

Common Types of Freight

Tri-National, Inc. pic
Tri-National, Inc.
Image: tri-nat.com

A transportation company based in Earth City, Missouri, Tri-National, Inc., provides a wide range of uninterrupted, door-to-door services to clients in Mexico, Canada, and the United States. Some of the services offered by Tri-National, Inc., include import/export consulting, cross-dock operations, and warehousing for clients with a variety of freight types.

A few of the most common freight types are:

Truckload (TL), which requires the use of a full truck dedicated to carrying only one shipment. Since all the freight on the truck belongs to a single customer, the shipment typically does not require any transfers and is faster than some other freight types. Most TL freight is transported via flatbed, refrigerated trailer, or dry van.

Less than truckload (LTL) is the most cost-effective and popular type of freight. LTL shipments share a trailer with multiple other LTL shipments. All of these shipments typically are delivered to a terminal or cross-dock and may go through several transfers before arriving at a final destination. FedEx and UPS are examples of common LTL carriers.

Partial truckload (PTL) falls between TL and LTL freight types. PTL freight does not completely fill a trailer but does frequently remain on a single truck during the entire shipping process. This exposes the freight to less handling, a benefit shared with TL shipping, while being more cost-effective, a benefit shared with LTL shipping.

The Winning With Wellness Project by KUTO

Kids Under Twenty One pic
Kids Under Twenty One
Image: csc-stl.org

Tri-National, Inc., a transportation provider, offers door-to-door services to clients in the US, Mexico, and Canada. Dedicated to helping its community, Tri-National, Inc., supports numerous charitable and community groups, including Kids Under Twenty-One (KUTO).

Promoting the emotional well-being of young people, KUTO works to prevent suicide through programs and initiatives such as Winning With Wellness (WWW). This service-learning project encourages students to identify health issues within their school and work together to create projects that direct change.

WWW promotes the idea that the responsibility for maintaining good health and wellness is shared by families, schools, students, and individuals, and that everyone should actively encourage healthy choices among themselves and the community.

Through the WWW project, KUTO focuses on six health-related categories, including chemical-free living, which encourages young people to make educated choices about using alcohol, nicotine, and other chemicals; and safety, which promotes a secure community. Additional categories addressed by WWW include nutrition, environment, physical activity, and positive self-concept.

The TCA’s Truckload Academy Advances Professional Knowledge

Truckload Academy pic
Truckload Academy
Image: truckload.org

A truck transportation company based in Earth City, Missouri, Tri-National, Inc., offers trans-border shipping services through the central corridor of the United States. Dedicated to staying active within the professional community, Tri-National, Inc., belongs to the Truckload Carriers Association.

The only national trade association for the truckload industry, the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) offers numerous professional advancement and education options through its Truckload Academy. This educational source is divided into four segments: on-demand learning, live learning, certifications, and certificates.

Through the Truckload Academy’s on-demand learning, professionals can access a huge range of courses at any time. They can also watch archived live learning webinars, conference sessions, and free sponsored webinars to learn about a huge range of topics at their convenience. These topics focus on such things as leadership, human resources, and operations. Further, professionals can access the TCA’s Driver Connect training platform to complete online training and testing.

Meanwhile, live learning provides professionals with interactive webinars that focus on specific areas of training. Attendees are given the chance to ask questions of experts in the field and receive answers in real time. These sessions are offered online to ensure professionals have a cost-effective way of improving their education.

Finally, certifications and certificates that the TCA Truckload Academy grant professional designations to individuals. The Academy offers a variety of certification programs, including the Fleet Manager Certification Program and Truckers Against Trafficking program, to ensure professionals have the chance to advance in specific areas relating to their work. Certificates offers similar benefits, but they focus primarily on workforce challenges like recruitment and retention.

Supporting Kids Without Cancer as a Volunteer or Donor

Kids Without Cancer pic
Kids Without Cancer
Image: kidswithoutcancer.org

Tri-National, Inc. (TNi) has been operating through the central corridor of the United States for several years. It was formed through the merger of several logistics and transportation companies and now offers a range of truckload services to clients in the US, Canada, and Mexico. In addition to serving its clients, Tri-National, Inc., serves its community by supporting such organizations as Kids Without Cancer.

Kids Without Cancer (KWC) provides financial support for pediatric cancer research at Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Karmanos Cancer Institute, and Wayne State University. The organization is entirely run through the support of volunteers and donors.

Given the organization’s need for volunteers, it routinely looks for new people to donate their time. By joining KWC, volunteers are given the opportunity to improve upon their existing skills while also making new friends, improving their resume, and exploring new careers.

Most of KWC’s volunteers fall into one of two categories: those who wish to help on occasion and those who possess specific skills that may benefit the organization. These helpful skills include photography, social media marketing, and writing.

Meanwhile, KWC encourages individuals to send donations online, by mail, or over the phone. All donations are given a tax receipt and they can be made in memory or honor of loved ones. Legacy and planned giving are also an option and can be great ways of supporting the organization with one’s assets instead of income.