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Three Truck Driving Safety Tips

Tri-National Inc.
Tri-National Inc.
Image: tri-nat.com

A truckload carrier operating in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, Tri-National, Inc., benefits from more than 100 years of collective senior management experience. Tri-National, Inc., stresses the importance of safety, offering numerous awards for driver safety. Here are three essential safety tips for professional truck drivers.

Watch your blind spots: Blind spots in trucks are even larger than blind spots in a car, so be sure to check them often. Blind spots include directly behind the truck, behind the side mirrors, and the front-right corner of the cab.

Stay refreshed: Too many trucking accidents occur on long hauls when a driver is not well-rested. Although it may be tempting to power through the night, be sure you are getting enough rest and exercise.

Look out for bad weather: It is easy to lose control of a truck in bad weather, especially when the roads are snowy or icy. In addition to reducing speed by about one-third, allow your blinker to run longer than usual to give other cars time to react.