Former Athlete Advises Truckers on their Health

Siphiwe Baleka pic
Siphiwe Baleka

By seeing obstacles in its line of work as positive learning experiences, Tri-National Inc. prides itself as a professional problem-solver in the trucking industry. One of its prominent features as an employer is the benefits it offers drivers, such as state-of-the-art equipment, trucks, and safety measures.

Former swimming champion turned truck driver Siphiwe Baleka says being a trucker is one of the unhealthiest occupations in the United States. Truckers are known to have more health problems than the average American citizen. Almost 70 percent of truckers suffer from obesity and are at risk for heart and diabetic conditions.

Baleka is stepping forward to help truck drivers change their lifestyle and allow them to have healthier lives, even as they continue to work. When he started working as a trucker, he put on weight and had difficulty keeping in shape.

He discovered that eating a diet low in carbohydrates and rich in protein helps keep the weight down. However, it must be accompanied with high-intensity exercise. Since truck drivers are on the road for almost 11 hours on workdays, Baleka advised drivers to try high-intensity exercises during truck stops and breaks.


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