Tips for Sharing the Road with Large Trucks

Tri-National Inc.
Tri-National Inc.


Tri-National, Inc., facilitates door-to-door truck transportation in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Tri-National, Inc., prioritizes safety as a company goal and commits to the arrival of deliveries without incident.

When driving near a large truck, motorists must remember that the truck has certain vulnerabilities that require attention. The bulk of a truck gives it a longer braking distance than an automobile, for example, so drivers of cars should avoid braking suddenly while driving in front of a truck.

Similarly, because of a truck’s long trailer, the truck driver’s blind spot is significantly larger than that of an automobile driver. Cars should avoid driving close in front of or behind the truck and directly beside the truck, one lane to the left or two lanes to the right. A generally accepted rule is that if the car driver cannot see the truck’s mirrors, the truck driver cannot see the car.

If a car driver wishes to pass a truck, the driver of the car should be able to see the truck driver before he or she proceeds. The car driver should also make sure there is plenty of room in front of the car and that he or she can safely pass on the truck’s left. By giving the truck plenty of space and plenty of notice, automobile drivers can improve safety for everyone on the road.


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