Truck Driving Safety Protects the Bottom Line

With facilities stretching through the central United Staes linking Mexico and Canada, transportation company Tri-National, Inc., links business partners throughout North America. Headquartered in the St. Louis, Missouri, area, Tri-National, Inc., provides warehousing, tracking, and other logistics services in addition to door-to-door trucking and delivery.

Every year in America, there are tens of thousands of crashes involving commercial motor vehicles that result in injuries or fatalities. Not only do accidents involving large vehicles generally result in damaged property and tragic loss of life or limb, but they have a profound financial cost to the trucking company, as well. With an average per-crash cost of more than $90,000 and around $3.6 million for ones involving fatalities, a small number of accidents can result in a huge financial loss for a company.

Fortunately, many such crashes are preventable, as are their associated financial losses. A successful company vigorously trains and re-trains its drivers in industry-standard best practices like wearing seat belts and observing posted speed limits. Moreover, by vetting for drug use and keeping sensible resting policies, a company ensures that its drivers stay competent and safe for themselves and for others on the road.


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